Emergency Services

emergency tree removal

Has a tree fallen on your house? Call 770-484-5626 for Our Emergency Tree Removal Services!

Storms and inclement weather can weaken trees and when a tree is unstable, it can cause tremendous amounts of damage. Storm damaged trees can be dangerous for numerous of reasons. An unstable tree without proper care can fall on your vehicle or even your home. A tree that has already fallen is also a risk because it can cause further damage to surrounding areas if not removed quickly.

Storm damaged trees and weak trees are not always obvious to the untrained eye and the tree doesn’t have to fall to be impacted by a storm. The tree could also have weakened limbs that can also cause damage if and when they fall.

Removing a fallen tree is often a difficult and daunting task. ArborServ Inc Tree Care Professionals is equipped to handle your tree emergency needs. We can remove trees from your house and tarp roofs. We can remove trees from fences and yards as well. We can also handle tree work filed with your insurance companies. Our team has removed numerous fallen trees due to storm damage and we have the resources and expertise to act quickly whilst ensuring the safety!