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What Our Customers Are Saying:

  •  I was very impressed by Mr. Dorton’s first visit and on from there. 1) On time, 2) Good job, 3) Excellent teamwork among all, 4) Excellent clean up-no trash left, 5) I have shared this with friends, & 6) You will get a call for my next job. November 2014 
    TM Scarborough, Private Home Owner
  • We would like to thank ArborServ for the removal of 2 very large birch trees from our front yard. The dedication of the staff was amazing. We stood as close by as possible and watched the entire process. After what we considered a rapid completion, there was no evidence that they had been here other than our stumps which remained (In the future, we will also have any other tree removal stumps ground up). The firewood we have stacked will be dry and give us warmth this coming winter. There is enough to share with our family and neighbors. We HIGHLY recommend them as fast, polite and efficient in doing our tree removals. We are not easy to please, so congratulations to the sales and labor crews. Job well done!
    A.E. Brown Family, Private Home Owners
  • Through the years I’ve had to remove several large oak trees from our home. Some had grown in right next to the house. ArborServ has taken each one out without any damage to the house. They deliver a great value at a professional level. They are easy to work with, can handle an emergency and I’d use them again!
    Gregg B., Private Home Owner

  • Over the last 5 years I have always used Arborserv. They came highly recommended to me by a friend. The owner is always on time for estimate appointments and gives a written quote for the job. I have used ArborServ on a private lot I own as well as 2 other personal homes. I have referred them to several of my friends and I wouldn’t use anyone else except Arborserv. They are prompt, professional, respectable and courtesy and the main thing is they do what they say they will do. They always put in writing what is expected and go over it again prior to servicing and makes sure that when they are finished with the job it is to the satisfaction of the customer and what was written. They also done work for my neighbors and they were been very pleased. I highly recommend Arborserv!!
    Christine, Private Home Owner
  • My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Darryl from Arbor Serv in October of 2014. He was awesome. My first impressions of him were that he loves what he does. He quickly told me the types of trees in our yard. From sweet gum to red oak, he knew them all. I was impressed with his presentation. I came to the conclusion that to ArborServ it wasnt about the money? i initially thought that more trees had to go. He quickly told us the trees that need to be removed and what trees simply needed to be trimmed. He quoted a price which was very reasonable and made an appt time for them to come out to start working on our front yard. They arrived while we were at work. When we came home, my chin hit the ground. It was beautiful!!!. I didnt know the trees could be presented like that. There was no debris. It was perfect. Because of all of those involved in our yard at ArborServ, the yard has so much sun now that we are going to install some grass with a sprinkler system. They loved our yard so much that we love our yard even more than before. The future??? Im going to discuss with Darryl the sides of the house and eventually the back. My wife and I thank ArborServ for an excellent customer service experience and a wonderful job. We are with you guys forever!
    Geoffery, Private Home Owner
  • We recently had ArborServ remove 8 trees and grind stumps.  Before contracting with ArborServ, we met with several other tree companies to get estimates.  We decided to go with ArborServ for reasons not just based on price, but because we felt very comfortable with Darryl and trusted that he would do a great job; we were not disappointed in any way regarding the outcome.  Darryl and his crew arrived exactly on the date and time he committed to, and finished the project within the time frame promised.  Upon completion, all the tree trunks and debris were removed and our yard was as clean (or cleaner) than before the work began.  Darryl did an excellent job and we will highly recommend ArborServ to anyone in need of a tree care company.  In the future, we will turn to ArborServ for all our tree removal or tree services(4-19-2016).
    Brenda DeSimone, Private Home Owner

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