Why & When Should I Mulch and Prune My Trees?

Wondering when’s the best time to prune your trees? Unsure as to whether or not you should mulch your trees?

At first glance, trees might seem like such a low-maintenance part of your landscape. Unlike your garden or flower patch, they hardly require any attention at all. And the pay-off is wonderful: for practically no maintenance, your lush green trees add such a unique and picturesque appearance to your home’s landscape.

But examine your trees a little closer. While they might appear to be low maintenance, a healthy tree requires plenty of mulching and pruning to stay healthy and strong in the years to come. Without proper care and maintenance, your trees will be susceptible to diseases and damage. So if you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to mulch your trees and prune your trees, the answer is a resounding yes!

So if you’re wondering when it’s the right time to mulch your trees, or why you should prune your trees, consider this article to be your basic guide to keeping your trees green and healthy.

Mulching. Mulching your tree is essential to its health, particularly if it’s a young tree. Mulch provides more nutrients to the tree, can improve the soil around it and can also help the tree to maintain more moisture. Aesthetically, mulch can add an attractive appearance to your landscape.

Before you begin mulching, it’s important to pick the right time to apply the mulch. Late spring works well, so consider hiring a landscaper to mulch your trees in May or early June. A professional landscaper or arborist can also ensure that the right materials are used, and the right layer is applied. Too much mulch can actually cause severe damage to your trees, especially younger ones.

Pruning. Pruning is critical to the health and wellness of your tree. Trees can suffer from a number of diseases which start within the branches; additionally, if a dead branch is left on a tree, the damage can spread to the trunk. Regularly pruning your tree keeps it healthy and will help to preserve your tree through the harsh winter months.

If you want to prune your tree, stick to a bi-annual schedule. Arborists recommend pruning your tree during the mid-spring and mid-autumn months, as this will help keep wintertime damage to a minimum. Don’t prune anymore than twice per year, as overpruning can actually kill trees.

DIY pruning can also be hazardous, especially if you’re pruning a large tree. To stay safe and ensure the job’s done professionally, it’s recommended that you hire a professional arborist or landscaper who can take care of the work for you.

Your trees are an essential part of your landscape. If you want to keep them healthy and strong in the years to come, it’s crucial to make pruning and mulching an important part of your landscaping routine. Contact a professional arborist to quickly and effectively prune your trees and mulch your trees.